Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is UAEnic?

    UAEnic, UAE network information center, is a registrar for registering Domain Names under .ae (Top Level Domain). UAEnic is also LIR (Local Internet Registry) that assigns IP Addresses to the Local Internet Community.

  2. What is a Domain Name?

    A domain name is an address name that locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. (ex:

  3. Why should I obtain a Domain Name?

    A Domain Name is not just an address; it can be a way of protecting the organization's name. It is the easiest way for a customer to reach the organization.

  4. How many Domain Names am I allowed to register?

    Unlimited number of Domain Names can be assigned for the same registrant.

  5. What are the characters which can be used in a Domain Name?

    All the Alphabetic letters, numbers and the dash (-) can be used. Other characters such as (* & . % #..etc) are not allowed.

  6. How many characters can be used in a Domain Name?

    From 2 to 63 characters.

  7. What is Whois?

    Whois is the contact information of registrant, administration, technical, billing of the domain associated.

  8. How can I choose a Domain Name?

    Choosing a Domain Name is simply choosing a name that reflects the organization's name, activity, products, or any other name.

  9. What are the third level domain names available? - Academic organizations, universities, colleges and education institutes - Government departments and ministries of the UAE - Information Technology service providers registered within the UAE - Not-for-profit organizations of the UAE (sporting, charitable and religious organizations) - Public and private Schools within the UAE - Military authorities of the UAE
    امارات. - For everyone

  10. What is shopping cart?

    Shopping cart is the function to view the domain which you had chosen and to confirm which domain you want to purchase.

  11. What is VAT?

    Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that is being introduced by the UAE Government, which will be payable by both business and individuals. For further information please visit the URL

  12. What to do if I have forgotten my password or user ID?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to retrieve the password or user ID.

  13. Why have I been blocked when attempting to login?

    If you enter the wrong user ID or password, authentication will fail and you will not be able to login to the Registrant Panel. On the 15th failed login attempt, your account will be blocked for security.

  14. How to modify profile? Change password of user?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to modify password and user profile.

  15. How to Login/Signup to be a user? Why do I need to do so?

    If you are a new customer, sign-up is required to create a new user profile for you. The same information will then be used for the WHOIS of the domain name that you want to register.

  16. What is the Value Added Services?

    Value Added Services are "add-ons" that allows users to add features for domain names such as URL/Web Forwarding, Email Forwarding, Domain Parking etc.

  17. What is Domain Renewal? How to use it?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to renew a domain name.

  18. How do I transfer a domain I registered from another domain provider to Etisalat?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to transfer your domain to Etisalat.

  19. How to modify DNS hosting?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to manage the DNS records of your domain names.

  20. How to manage URL forwarding?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to forward your domain.

  21. How to modify Name Servers?

    Click here to see the procedure on modifying domain name servers.

  22. Why is 'Transfer Account'/'Transfer Ownership' feature for my domain not clickable / being disabled?

    If the domain name is in Active status, this feature is not allowed due to the domain name being bundled with one of your Etisalat internet accounts. Otherwise if domain has expired, all the manage domain features will be disabled except renew domain.

  23. Can I view more than 10 domains on my Dashboard?

    Yes. In your dashboard page, scroll to the bottom where page numbers are located. On the right side of that same bar where "Renew Selected Domain" button is located, there is a "Show" label. Click on the number of domains per page you wish to see located next to it. The list of your domains will be populated accordingly when the page refreshes.

  24. What is the survey form that pops up upon payment when transaction completed successfully?

    The pop-up is Etisalat's customer satisfaction survey form. Click any of the smiley icons to rate your experience. We value and appreciate your feedback to serve you better in the future.

  25. How do I view my payment history?

    Click here to see the procedure on how to view your payment history.